Blog updating

I have come to the conclusion that as much as I like to think I have a lot to share, I seem to come up blank whenever I realize I need to update my blog.  Then of course when I have something burning a hole in my mind to jot down, I am no where near my computer or any computer for that matter or am tucked nicely into bed next to a hotty of a husband and although my notepad is within reach there is no pen in sight.

<sigh>  Ah, life.

The Gym 2

Well, I am still a fatty, maybe not quite as lazy.  I never made it to the gym.  I decided to do some research on them first and ended up choosing to go with the local rec center.  Since I home school my daughter, it made sense to go with them because they have classes she can take and we can go swimming!

Anyway, we’ll be joining up with them soon and getting our work out on. 🙂