Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Originally Posted: Sep 18

Just finished the first book of the Daughters of the Night series by P.C. Cast and her daughter, Kristin.  I had heard various things (not so good) about the series from a friend so I was hesitant to even read the book.  I was needing another book to devour and happened to come across this one while wandering the fiction section of the library.  Soooo…I dove in.  Honestly?  I thought it was a great read.  It is a teen book – so if you’re a mature adult who can’t handle flashbacks from teendom – don’t bother. But if you like a decent story line, interesting characters and a cool adventure and concept – this series could be for you.

Zoey is a teen girl who lives with her highly annoying mother (read new wacko hubby…) and the step dad who is a total religious freakazoid.  She is miserable and takes her happiness where she can get it – with her friends at school and a wonderful, spiritual grandmother.  Out of the blue she gets Marked, meaning a vampyre seeks her out and marks her for the change into vampyre.  The story gets more interesting from here and I liked it enough to go off and find the next book in the series.

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