Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris (Book 1 of the Sookie Stackhouse series aka TrueBlood)

I was one of the unfortunates who watched the first season of True Blood before reading the book.  Books are always better than their movie or tv series counterparts and this is no exception.  The series had so many things wrong and different from the book.  My good friend and I had a discussion recently, her having read the books and me having watched the series.  There were so many differences that I was most definitely compelled to read the first book.  The first book encompassed the whole first season of the series.  Now having experienced both, I can comment.  If you have not read the book or seen the series and do not want anything spoiled, do not read on.  If this is not you or you don’t care, read on.

The first outpoint is that Sookie does not match the description of the character in the book to the character in the series.  The second is that our main vampyre character, Bill, in the series doesn’t really fit what I see him as in the book but having seen the series first, I am stuck with them as the images I see when reading the book thus lowering my interest in the characters.

The series has Sookie’s brother running around like a manwhore, so does the book.  The series has him discovering and getting hooked on the latest ‘drug’ craze ‘v’ which is vampyre blood.   No where in the book is there ‘v’. No where. The series just made that whole line of crap up which really takes away from the character you love to be annoyed at, her brother Jason.

The other main problem between the series and the book is the scene near the end where Sookie is confronted by the murdering villain.  In the book she handles it herself.  In the series she is busy getting killed while her campyre friend and shapeshifter friend come to her aid.  I prefer the books version in leaps in bounds.

Without getting into more details of their differences, of which are there, trust me, I recommend reading the books first or only reading them and skipping the series altogether.  Its almost as bad as reading the Bourne Identity and then watching the movie.  Besides the characters name and one similarity of the movie and the book – its like watching or reading something completely different.

Read much and often! Cheers!

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