Mistborn: The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

Wow again.  Just finished second book.  The comments that I make below may have some spoilers so if you’re reading or haven’t read the series, stop now but know that it is well worth the read, has some nice twists and turns and I am looking forward to starting Book Three this evening!!

Possible spoilers…highlight with mouse to read…
I was sad when Kelsier died near the end of Book One and I missed him throughout the first half of the second book but then became intrigued with the Zane character.  I liked him enough for my attention to be pulled away from the absence of Kelsier and I didn’t like him enough to mind what happened to him at the end of Book Two.  Vin, the bad ass that she is, was starting to annoy me with her self negation so I was very pleased with the changes in her during this book as well as the changes in Elend.  My respect for Elend sky rocketed (and not just ‘cuz of the bonus he got at the end) but I was sad for poor Sazed who will be hurting into the next book I imagine.  The twists that Sazed finally figured out were not expected and am looking forward to seeing how everything pans out.

That said, I completely enjoyed reading the book and, again, was up til after 2am wrapping it up.  Happy Reading!

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