Stacia Kane’s Ghost Series

Okay, I’m back.  I didn’t fall off a cliff or in Florida, a boat.  I am here just doing everything possible except blogging and writing my story.  So after much soul searching (and kicking my own arse) I’m getting it back together again as it should be…writing daily.  Maybe not on the blog but for sure the novel.  It’s finally moving again.  I promised myself I would finish two novels this year.  See, last year I said I would finish the one, didn’t make it. So this year, if I go for two I sure as hell better get one done.

That said, I just finished the third book in Stacia Kane’s Ghosts Series.  That’s not actually what it’s called, I’ve just been calling it that.  The first book is Unholy Ghosts, the second is Unholy Magic and the third is City of Ghosts.   You can see them here.

I gotta tell you.  After the first chapter of the book I did not think much of the main character.  I think it’s mostly because I’m one of those people who has never taken drugs, don’t care too either.  This character is chock full of ’em, literally.  It was a real turn off BUT the story was friggin interesting.  So the further I go, page after page, the more I’m liking this character.  By the time I finished the last book, I knew she had come along way and was not just glad about it but genuinely happy for her.

All I can say is…read them.  They’re good.  Really good.  Now I’m going to hunt down her other series. 🙂