Definition of Writer

Friend of mine posted this and I had to share! For those of you who know how much I LOVE coffee, this fit me beautifully!


writ • er / ‘raitər/

– noun

1. a peculiar organism capable of transforming caffeine into books.

The Truth About Mental Disorder Drugs

In light of the recent shooting at the movie theater in Colorado, I find myself needing to post about a subject that I feel strongly about but is not a pleasant issue. I also know that there is a lot of controversy in relation to it but I have my viewpoint and that is one of the beauties of blogging.

I am talking about psychotropic drugs also known as drugs for mental disorders.

First off, anyone who reads what is called the black label of these drugs should run screaming.

Definition of the warning here.

I am not going to list out the drugs and their black label warnings here. If you are curious, all you need to do is search Google for the name of a drug and the black box box warning. For example, I searched for the side effects Ritalin, a drug commonly prescribed to adults and children for what I believe is a non-existent disease known as ADHD. I came across If you read through this you’ll see that one of the potential side effects of Ritalin is death.

What’s interesting is that most doctors prescribe a medication and their victims, oh sorry, patients, take it or give it to their children with complete faith that their doctor is an honest, caring person. Then you end up with deaths, multiple body problems or maybe you decide to go shoot a bunch of people at the post office, campsite or movie theater.

On top of that, your trustful doctor often gets kick backs for prescribing certain drugs. Yes, you read correctly. The drug companies PAY your doctor to prescribe their drugs. Nice, huh?

On the subject of mental disorders or diseases, I’d like to point out something. The “symptoms” of ADHD for example. Do a search for them online. Every single symptom mentioned is a common and normal behavior for anyone. Going to an “expert” is ridiculous especially when you see what this doctor has to say:

“We do not know the causes [of any mental illness]. We don’t have the methods of ‘curing’ these illnesses yet.” —Dr. Rex Cowdry, psychiatrist and director of National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 1995

One of the interesting things about the “diseases” and disorders that would “warrant” drugging by a psychiatrist or physician is that the person might actually have some issue but they can be handled with proper healthcare, vitamins, allergy testing, proper schooling, handling the parent, etc.  It is promoted that those symptoms are because of chemical imbalances but check this out:

“There’s no biological imbalance. When people come to me and they say, ‘I have a biological imbalance,’ I say, ‘Show me your lab tests.’ There are no lab tests. So what’s the biochemical imbalance?” —Dr. Ron Leifer, New York psychiatrist

I am not even going to get into the “Teen Screen” process that is being implemented across America as way to capture your child for drugging. Research this VERY carefully before consenting to any such thing. In fact, if you find yourself having to make any major decisions or are just curious, I implore you to research ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING related to the practices of mental health care, just make sure to look past the marketing and get the nitty gritty truth of the effects of the drugs.

I care about people and I cannot stand the idea of them blindly accepting information from a doctor when the internet is full of statistical research proving the drug or therapy just doesn’t work. I have only touched the tip of the iceberg in relation to this subject and only to bring it to your attention to fully research yourself before making any decisions. Alright, I am off my soapbox now.  Make today great and create! ❤