This, That and Heart Attacks

Hello! I have been chewing over what to post for my next blog when I realized how long it had been since my last. <shakes head>

Well, 2013 has been an interesting year so far.  For the first couple months of this year I worked my butt off on Book two of my series. Book one was done and with the editor. Then in March (or was it February?), the Editor (A-fucking-mazing editor by the way) sent me Book one ready for tweaking. Well, honestly Book two was just smoking along so I sat on book one even though it was supposed to publish by mid April. Then Book two came to a screeching halt and I jumped over to work on the edits for book one.

Then my husband had chest pains and ended up in the hospital. Yep, that ‘chest/lung pain’ he’d been experiencing was actually a collapsed artery and those ‘episodes’ were friggin heart attacks. Did I freak? Yep, but very quietly.  He had a minor and apparently all too common procedure which opened up the artery and handled a clot that was meddling. My hubby is a very upbeat people person, easy to get along with, totally chill and so the last thing I would have dreamed he would have issues with was his heart.  Scared the hell out of me. He’s fine now and looks amazing. The grey pallor and blood shot eyes that we contributed to his vocation are gone. Things are settling back into normal. It took a while for me to stop focusing everything on family and lift my head to look around.

This past weekend in a frenzy, I ‘remodeled’ my office (read painted walls and put furniture back in different places). Unfortunately you can’t get the full panoramic view but here’s a taste…


Yes, all the statues on the bookshelf are some of my attentive gargoyles. <toothy grin>

It is soooooooo nice to be in my office now and I am ready to get back to work again. Book one, Book two, short story for the upcoming anthology, here I come.