PG Tips – the Monkey Tea

The Hubby put on the kettle for tea today.

Me: Is there enough for me too?

Hubby: Sure, what tea do you want?

Me: PG Tips baby.

Hubby: Monkey tea.

Me: *Face scrunches up* *Brows raise questioning intelligence of statement*

Hubby: I mean monkeys like that tea. Not that you are a monkey.

Me: *gives death eye*

*Realizes hubby is referring to a commercial from when he was a kid*

*Finds commercial*

*Has good laugh*

*Shares with friends*


2 thoughts on “PG Tips – the Monkey Tea

  1. 1) I knew that commercial was English before I watched it. Only the English would have a commercial for tea.

    2) That commercial sucked. If you’re going to use chimps in your advertising, have them screaming, sticking their fingers in their butts and then smelling it, throwing their faeces, and THEN drinking the tea. And the way they rewinded that one clip a couple of times? Amateurs!

    3) Nice! 😀

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