Could Have Ripped Me to Pieces! – an ISG Writing Exercise

As always, the Ink Slingers Guild had a blast creating these short short stories. Enjoy!

Ink Slingers Guild

On 16 September 2015, these four words were chosen:

  • Reflection
  • Terror
  • Honey
  •  Supernatural

And these blurbs were written within eight minutes….Enjoy!


In that moment of pure terror, Honey paused for a moment of reflection. How on earth had she ended up in this supernatural nightmare? Things like this did not happen to normal people. Why did she have to be so…..abnormal?

The moment was shattered by the claw of the creature trying to rip out her heart. For obvious reasons, she had a problem with this.

“Benji!!” she hollered as loud as she could. “Now would be a great time to show yourself!”

The creature trying to kill her was startled for the briefest fraction of a second by her yell, but that was not enough to deter it. The dragon’s roar was. Benji appeared above them, hundred-foot wingspan blocking most of the moonlight. He roared again, the sound tearing…

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Excerpt from ROGUE – Book Two of the Gargoyles Den series

Erika Lance tagged me in the “7-7-7” challenge: Post seven lines starting at the seventh row of the seventh page of your current work in progress.

I am one chapter away from finishing Book Two of the Gargoyles Den series called “Rogue”. So you get an excerpt and it so happens it’s one of my favorite parts of the story!

Here is my 7-7-7:

“You should have died from this,” she said softly as she lifted her hand from his skin. Liam took a long breath and turned to her.

“I did,” he said. Sloane frowned but was immediately distracted by his depthless blue eyes. She lifted her hand and traced the bruises on his forehead, then down his cheek. Liam closed his eyes, his breath shallowed. His hand covered hers hastily and he pressed it to his cheek.

“Woman,” he growled, “must you?”

Rogue is scheduled for release this March.

And now I tag:

Rhiannon Matlock and Desiree Matlock (no relation lol)