Tampa Bay Book Fair, a new Book Cover and Bookmarks too!

In two weeks I will be at the Tampa Bay Book Fair with my fellow Ink Slingers Guild members. We will be displaying our books, handing out bookmarks, doing drawings for those who contribute the first line of a story for Stories My Friends Started and, of course, having a great time!

If you’re local, come out and see us!

On another note, the book cover for my first novel, The Guardians, has had an overhaul and I am pleased with the results:


My book and many others will be available at the book fair (as well as on Amazon)!

And lastly, I have a new bookmark to go with my new cover and I just love it!





Hope to see you at the Book Fair!


-Ruby Dust- Short Story available now!

Hi, all!

I wrote a “Wild West” short story except my version is set on Mars. 🙂  It has a Gargoyle in it and several other fun creatures! Here’s the blurb on it:

  • Ghirn, sheriff of Ruby Dust on Mars, catches an outlaw, saves a couple of humans from cannibalistic Dearndins and calms the ladies of The Pink House. All in a day’s work.

This story is close to my heart and I want to share, share, share!


The story can be found in the anthology Bent Horizons along with ten other talented authors. This is a book that my writers group puts out annually.

Check it out here!

xo Lis

Welcome Uncanny Quarry! Scavenger Hunt Time!


Hi, all!

Join the fun on the Uncanny Quarry Scavenger Hunt!

Today I am excited to share the third author in the Round Robin for October 20th:

Susan Catalano

The answers to her questions can be found by visiting her site: http://susancatalano.wix.com/susancatalano

Happy Hunting!

  1. What color robes was the woman on the cliff wearing? (Click Books link, click Read Chapter 1)
  2. What was the original name of Danvers, MA? (Click Blog link)
  3. What is the name of Susan’s dog? (Click Bio link)
  4. What is the name of the upcoming sequel to The Timeless Ones? (Click Books link)
  5. What is the title of Chapter 8? (Click Books link – click Amazon link and Look Inside)