Time for Reflection

I’ve had an interesting few months — not so much in the way of getting things done but more in the art of not doing anything. I’ve been working so hard this past year that I dug myself into the ground and forgot what exactly I was working toward. And when that happened, I just stopped.

I needed to pull back and look.

What am I doing that is taking away from what I want? What am I doing for others that is their goals and purposes rather than mine?

That may seem odd to you, but for me, I will truck along nicely until I take on too many things that are not really my goals but those of others. Sometimes I do it just to help, sometimes because I feel obligated and sometimes because at that moment, they seem like the right thing to do.

What I found was that there were a few things that I did want to see happen but I felt they were things that really were further into the future. Things that will be done but after…later when other things that need to be done first actually get done.

Unfortunately, my realization affected some other people. I had to announce what it was that I needed to do and let them know that some projects were hitting the back burner. No one seemed to be concerned about it too much so that was nice.

That was a little over two weeks ago. Now, I am finally getting my happy rhythm back. A little more is done each day toward what I want, but I’m not forgetting that there is more to life and I am working on enjoying the day to day challenges while also stopping and taking in the beautiful view around me.

My children are amazing and creative and lovely.

Better than the finest rose, my husband has a scent that can stop me in my tracks and snuggling with him gives me the calms. I must do that more.


Working full time, running a household, a publishing company, a writer’s group and trying to get novels written can really take you over if you don’t stop to take in the view of what you’re doing, where you’re going and what’s important.

I’m back on track and looking forward to sending out some royalty checks to some very deserving novelists, finishing up the edits to my Book 2 and getting them back to the editor and many other things that need to get done and I want to get done.

And of course, I will continue to watch my current ridiculous addiction of Teen Wolf, the epic Shannara Chronicles and Lucifer. Plus read whatever my book choice of the day is. And keep learning to ride a motorcycle.

And I will continue to look around and see the beauty in whatever I can.


P.S. On a completely non-related note, the soundtrack for the Assassin’s Creed is absolutely fantastic for whatever ails ye.