The Storyteller by Nicole DragonBeck

A beautiful tale that brought tears to my eyes… Enjoy!

Stories My Friends Started

For Briana Jaeger, I hope you like it.

My jaw dropped as my eyes unveiled the secret before me…”

“And what was it?” a small boy in the back piped up.

“I’m getting there,” James said, a little crossly. He hated being interrupted when he was telling a story. He took a moment to remember where he was. “My jaw dropped as I saw what it was the ancient chest contained.” He paused, daring anyone to jump in. “It was an apple.”

“That’s all?” The small boy looked put out. “I have one of those every day.”

“But it wasn’t just any apple,” James said with a triumphant shake of his fist. “It was the last golden apple of the Tree of Time.”

“How do you know it was the last one?” a girl sitting in the front asked. “Maybe there were others.”

“Yeah, maybe there were others!” several…

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