About Lisa

Hi! I’m Lisa Barry and I write urban fantasy/paranormal romance.


My Bio:

Growing up in Florida was not a good enough reason for author, Lisa Barry, to avoid wearing black. A daily color choice, Lisa

lisa5aconstantly pines for cool enough weather to wear boots.

Living with her supportive (and hot) husband and amazingly awesome kidlets, Lisa counts it a blessing that they still love her despite the deafening sound of her music muse throughout the house.

Writing and reading every minute she can, Lisa counts on her cats to keep her keyboard warm and on the countless gargoyles who stand guard throughout her house to ensure the safety of all those who enter with good intent. The gargoyles, even more importantly, listen carefully when Lisa reads to them aloud.

On a person note…besides having a deep admiration of gargoyles (who says they’re not real?), I love to read and write.  I collect gargoyles, I love music and can be heard driving up before I am seen, I’m a very picky eater (just ask my friends -eyes rolling-), I enjoy fishing and will catch them, clean them, cook them but won’t eat them or anything else out of the ocean.  I also believe in many fairy tale creatures, just haven’t knowingly met any yet.

And I have a really cool tattoo.

Gargoyle Tattoo

More on that here.

I believe that artists mold the world we live in, they create our aesthetics and should be supported and protected.  Everyone is different, have different ideas of what’s aesthetic and what’s not.  It’s a personal thing.  I hope I don’t ever say anything that makes an artist feel less, if I do, know that’s it’s just one opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt.  Keep creating no matter what anyone else says or thinks.  <wink>

7 thoughts on “About Lisa

  1. Elki says:

    Keep using that inspiration and imagination to fire you through your dreams Lis – I believe in you! 😉 x El

  2. Hey Lisa.

    I just read a nice little comment you left on a certain blogger’s page. This blogger doesn’t seem to read other people’s stuff, but HAS cultivated a massive readership of her own by simply by following people at random and then perpetually “liking” whatever the hell they post…oftentimes a split second after you’ve written something like 1,500 words.


    This person, whoever she is, can keep following me and liking me if she wants to, but after I post this little comment, I’m retracting my “courtesy follow” and giving you a “genuine follow” instead.

    Anyone who cares enough about her craft to start a genuine group of followers is cool in my books.

    Take care,

    – J

    • Lisa Barry says:

      Thanks, J!
      I checked out your blog and after a couple of laughs decide a follow back was in order. Tell Wendy I said ‘Hi!’ 😉

      • Thanks! 😀 Can’t wait to see comments from someone who runs their own book club. You’ve probably seen it all.

        Oh, and I WILL tell Wendy!

        Me: “Wendy, Lisa says hi.”
        Wendy: “Lisa who?”
        Me: “You know, Lisa Kudrow? From Friends? She played Phoebe? It was a popular 1990’s sit—”

        Me: “….no.”


      • Lisa Barry says:

        LMAO!! Thanks for that!

  3. Allen Mesch says:

    Thanks for your comment. I love the title of your site.

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