Lisa Reviews Books and Things

I love to create worlds of my own and share them.

I also love to read worlds created by others. I am particularly fond of fantasy. Pretty much any style. I read for at least an hour every day. I get away with this indulgence with the wonderful excuse that I am putting my daughter to bed. She’s plenty old enough to do this action on her own but she allows me to climb into bed and snuggle with her and my Kindle while she falls asleep.

As a writer, escaping into other worlds can create many different effects. It can inspire; like when I read something that I can’t put down and makes me know that someones out there feels the same about my chicken scratch. It can humble; like those that you read who you are quite certain are so above your level you should probably bow to their wordsmith amazingness. Then there are those where their story is intriguing enough to continue reading and yet they are missing some element that could make it that much better. I am not completely sure but I suspect this is due to lack of editing or proofing that could make the difference between a trickle of good reviews and cash flow to an avalanche. I am learning as I go.

If I really don’t care for a book (it is rare that I don’t finish one) I don’t generally take the time to review it. I don’t think it is my place to crush someone’s creativity. They tried and if more agree with me, the book will disappear into the background and the author will try again. When you do your best to crush and humiliate an author, to me, you are one of those nasty people who has nothing better to do then point out the outpoints of others (never to look in the mirror, oh my!). I just leave it alone. A nasty report can make the difference between making that author never want to write again or making them try harder and create more to get it up to the readers needs. I’d rather give the quiet sweep of my hand…the world is waiting for your masterpiece(s). Give it another go.

If I like a book or even can’t decide which way I am leaning on it, I’m happy to share and you will find those reviews here on my blog.

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