Gargoyles Den Series


TheGuardians_BookCover_FinalNew_smThe Guardians, Book One in Lisa’s paranormal romance series, released on September 6th.

You can read the first few chapters or buy it here!

The Guardians (Book One Gargoyles Den)

Sloane Jacobs has been on the edge of crazy for a long time now.  That happens when you can read everyone’s aura, not what they show on the outside but what they’re really like.  Knowing that sharing her curse would get her a one-way ticket to the loony bin, Sloane lives alone and trusts no one.

That changes when she meets Liam McDougall, a Gray One; the only kind that she can’t read.  She doesn’t know what he is exactly but members of his team are disappearing and they need her skills to help them.

Sloane jumps headlong into their hidden world.  Her skills develop with their help only to find that sentient animals, the fae, gargoyles and other creatures of imagination might not be the entertaining bedtime stories she thought. And the bedtime story she wants is always dancing a step ahead.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. You’re writing is a pleasure and fun and I laugh and am intrigued and love love love it. I want more…” – K.L.
“What a great book. Loved it from the first page until the very last sentence. Every single character was actually interesting. Every new chapter was as insanely captivating and intriguing as the previous one. I couldn’t stop myself from reading until I got to the end. WOW! Amazing. A great book, great story, AWESOME characters and it does deliver in the end. This book is so good. It made me feel every emotion intended. AWESOME! I can’t wait for more.” – L.A.
“I finished your book a few days ago. I couldn’t put it down. Fantastic!!! I loved it! When is the sequel coming out???” – M.H.

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