Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Okay, I know I haven’t posted in a year. A lot of great things (and not so great) have occurred but I will get to them a bit later…

Because I just finished Hounded by Kevin Hearne. I’ve read a TON of books in the last year and I have a huge list books to review BUT this one was so friggin enjoyable that I had to blog immediately. I can only hope this is the start of more frequent blogs. ūüôā

Hounded is the first of a series. If the fact that I bought the next two in the series (can you say LOVE KINDLE!) doesn’t tell you how much I enjoyed the first, well, …hm. ¬†The book stars Atticus, which isn’t his real name, as a 2000 plus year old Druid in current day. He is just trying to survive, run his book and herb shop and be left alone. Of course, when you happen across the God of Love’s sword, which just happens to be able to slice through ANYTHING and you stash it away for a rainy day, things tend to come after you. This book has Gods, demons, werewolves, vampires, the Fae and more. Kevin Hearne’s humor is absolutely hilarious, I actually laughed aloud a few times. That’s pretty rare. I was completely entertained. Kudos to Kevin for a thoroughly enjoyable book. I look forward to reading more.

And with that, I leave you to go work on my taxes. The exact opposite of reading Kevin Hearne.

Child of Fire by Harry Connolly

Loved this book. ¬†Talk about distracting. ¬†The first chapter starts with Ray Lilly driving along with a very powerful sorceress (or magician or something) who hates his guts but isn’t allowed to kill him. ¬†He’s following her driving orders only to pull over to confront a couple on the run and then watch one of their children burst into flame. ¬†It doesn’t stop after that. ¬†Ray is a criminal who’s trying to not to be one, fresh out of jail and suddenly stuck with a member of the Twenty Palaces, a secret group that’s sole purpose is to rid the earth of people wielding illegal magics or taken over by demons, killing whatever gets in the way to that goal.

This is one of those books where you finish it and immediately feel the void of needing the next fix, the next impossible situation of Ray Lilly and the thirst to see how it ends.

Harry Connolly rocks. A new role model for me and my writing.  It made me feel like my writing was sub-standard and yet inspired me to be better.  To figure out how to create my characters more, unroll my story more intelligently.  Or certainly try like hell.

Click here to go to Harry Connolly’s website.

Lucy Snyder’s Spellbent and Shotgun Sorceress

I finished these two off pretty quick back to back. ¬†Honestly, I think I’m going to have to remove books from my house. ¬†It’s so easy to get involved in someone else’s story and stop working on my own. ¬†But at the same time, they can be so inspiring. ¬†I’m torn.

These books start off with a bang and keep going. ¬†I enjoyed them. ¬†If you enjoyed any of the other books I’ve recommended, you’ll like these too. ¬†There were parts where I could put the book down and others that I couldn’t. ¬†I like that. I know some people like a book that grips them to the point of staying up half the night. ¬†Sure, I can appreciate that but I also appreciate a book that I can put down periodically and get something else done. ¬†I don’t always want to but life has to be taken by the horns and wrangled with, can’t live it sitting on the couch or the comfy chair in the back porch.

These books are about a gal named Jesse Shimmer who, despite her crappy life thus far, finally finds her place only to have it ripped out from under her, ground up and tossed into the fire.  She feels it but still has the guts and tenacity to kick some arse and get it back.  I like a strong character who feels it, even has a good cry but gets back up on her feet.

Good times. Enjoy.

Click here to go to Lucy’s Website.

Stacia Kane’s Ghost Series

Okay, I’m back. ¬†I didn’t fall off a cliff or in Florida, a boat. ¬†I am here just doing everything possible except blogging and writing my story. ¬†So after much soul searching (and kicking my own arse) I’m getting it back together again as it should be…writing daily. ¬†Maybe not on the blog but for sure the novel. ¬†It’s finally moving again. ¬†I promised myself I would finish two novels this year. ¬†See, last year I said I would finish the one, didn’t make it. So this year, if I go for two I sure as hell better get one done.

That said, I just finished the third book in Stacia Kane’s Ghosts Series. ¬†That’s not actually what it’s called, I’ve just been calling it that. ¬†The first book is Unholy Ghosts, the second is Unholy Magic and the third is City of Ghosts. ¬† You can see them here.

I gotta tell you. ¬†After the first chapter of the book I did not think much of the main character. ¬†I think it’s mostly because I’m one of those people who has never taken drugs, don’t care too either. ¬†This character is chock full of ’em, literally. ¬†It was a real turn off BUT the story was friggin interesting. ¬†So the further I go, page after page, the more I’m liking this character. ¬†By the time I finished the last book, I knew she had come along way and was not just glad about it but¬†genuinely¬†happy for her.

All I can say is…read them. ¬†They’re good. ¬†Really good. ¬†Now I’m going to hunt down her other series. ūüôā

Warrior by Marie Brennan

Recently finished Warrior by Marie Brennan.  In this world, witches are not just the norm but an established part of the world.  They are feared and revered due to the powers but their purpose is to do the bidding of the Goddess and generally help the others less fortunate.  But they are also secretive and something is going on among the ranks.  One of the Keys of one of the witch factions is killed in a seemingly normal event but a couple of bounty hunters are called in confidentially to investigate the possible murder.  One of these warriors is a beautiful young girl whose rough life has sharpened her skills and hardened her heart into one of the best.

The witches have schools where witch daughters are left by their parents at a young age to learn and train spells, herbs and rituals until their powers come in. ¬†One girl specifically goes to take her test of readiness only to find that she can’t fully control them until she finds and kills her doppelganger.

While the witch, a gentle and thoughtful girl, searches the countryside for her assigned kill, the warrior searches for the murderer of a Key witch.  When they meet up, hell breaks loose as the girl discovers that the warrior is her doppelganger.

The beginning of the book I found to be a bit slow albeit interesting but about half way it pulls you in while you explore two very different worlds living together and the adventures of the two girls.  I am looking forward to reading the second in the series, Witches, to see how it all pans out.

Night World series by L.J. Smith

There are 9 books in the series by L.J. Smith so far as I can tell although another one needs to come out to close everything up.  They are:
Secret Vampire
Daughters of Darkness
Dark Angel
The Chosen
Black Dawn

I got them all in three volumes. They are a young adult series but L.J. writes so well that despite the fact that many of stories are the same as far as the soulmate concept goes, with different characters and places, they were very enjoyable and kept you wanting to see what happens next. ¬†I really liked them and plan to have them lying around for my daughter to find when she’s a bit older.

The books are about the Night World, a world that is not different from our modern day society but hidden and active within it. ¬†Those that are part of the night world, vampires, shape shifters, werewolves, witches, are bound by night world law with two rules; they cannot fall in love with humans and they cannot disclose the night world to humans. ¬†The first story introduces us to Poppy who is human and James who is her best friend and unbeknownst to her, a vampire. ¬†She finds out she’s not got long to live. ¬†James, trying as he might, realizes he’s in love with her and goes against everything he was brought up as to save her. ¬†The soulmate concept comes up in each book so you get action, adventure, drama and love. ¬†They’re a very nice, easy read and even though I’m way past young adult age, I would read them again.

I went to the author website to find out about the final book. ¬†It says it is called “Strange Fate” and it is ‘to come’. ¬†The last book in the above series was finished in 1998 so I am hoping that the final does make it’s way out so I can see the final conclusion. ¬†Don’t let that stop you though – the books are individual and don’t even have to be read in order but it’s more fun that way because the characters from each book are spattered here and there through the following books.

Rebecca York (aka Ruth Glick): werewolf moon series

I recently went thru several of Rebecca York’s werewolf moon series. ¬†When I got into the first book (Killing Moon) I wasn’t so into the extensive animal¬†magnetism¬†that was throughout the pages but the adventure and mystery was quite good. ¬†I went through the second book (Edge of the Moon) and still wasn’t sure what I thought. ¬†The book was good, I had to see what happened but the quantity of male / female stuff was, at least I felt, a bit over the top. ¬†Now you should know that I don’t read “romance” novels generally and these definitely have that feel.

It was the third book (Witching Moon) that kept me really going.  Rebecca writes a great mystery and the characters are great.  I have since finished Burning Moon, Crimson Moon and Shadow of the Moon.  The rest are on my line to be read.  If you like romance, fantasy and mystery, you will probably really enjoy these!

Fallen by Lauren Kate

I picked up Fallen and it took me a while to get into it. ¬†I didn’t have a lot of understanding of what the story was with the main character until you get further in. Once in the book takes you through twists and turns of mysterious happenings, like why does it seem that boys she gets friendly with, burn? ¬†Her soulmate comes into play and acts so weird you can hardly wait to figure out what his story is.

What’s funny is I love to read stories with friendly monsters, faeries, demons etc etc and when I found out what the guy was it just seemed odd to me. ¬†The ending was almost a let down the way it went. ¬†I still haven’t decided what I think about it. ¬†I noticed recently that it looks like there might have been a movie made about it. ¬†I think I would probably watch it too. ¬†I am sure a second book must be on the way or out and I think I will have to read it to see about getting further closure or understanding of this unusual couples otherworldly situation.

I’ll probably say more as I come to more firm decision on this one!

Eileen Wilks

I recently discovered Wilks because of her short story in one of compilations, I think it was On the Prowl. ¬†I enjoyed it enough to make me want to check out her series. ¬†I started with the second book as for whatever reason I couldn’t find the first one. Here’s the three I’ve read:

Blood Lines
Night Season
Mortal Sins

There are several characters, some werewolf, some with special powers and some not.  They have all the things that make an interesting read to me, action, mystery, adventure, romance with a twist here and there.  Enjoyable reads!!

Inked with Chance, Liu, Galenorn, Wilks

Inked is another compilation of four short stories by Karen Chance, Marjorie M. Liu, Yasmine Galenorn and Eileen Wilks.  I found the book because I read a series by Karen Chance, really enjoyed it and thought I would check out the story.

Karen Chance’s story is called Skin Deep. ¬†It’s about a gal who was brought up around werewolf’s and a guy who was kicked out of his werewolf family. ¬†They are both after someone who is killing werewolf’s. ¬†They are old¬†acquaintences¬†and it’s an interesting working relationship. A pleasant read.

Marjorie M. Liu’s story is called Armor of Roses. It is part of her Hunter’s Kiss series which I have not previously read. ¬†I enjoyed the story but it didn’t capture me enough to continue on with the series. ¬†I can see how many would enjoy it though as it does have intrigue, action, adventure. ¬†She has some real nice twists too.

Galenorn’s story is called Etched in Silver. ¬†It was pretty good. ¬†A very independent gal with part ‘elf’ blood meets up with one of the other breeds of elves who ooze sexual confidence to bring down a bad guy. ¬†It’s curious, the characters are pretty cool and the story is good.

Wilks’ story is another short one involving Agent Yu who is part of her Lupus series. ¬†Yu starts investigating a murder only to find that it wasn’t human and may not be the last. ¬†I really enjoy Wilks’. Good stuff.