New Cover for The Guardians!!❤️

Cover Reveal!! As promised! Here is the new cover for The Guardians! I love it so much. Once the second cover in the series is redone, I will be posting that one too and then getting them updated on Amazon. Cheers!❤️🖤

Check out Ammonia Book Covers (fabulous designer!!!):


Love Me a Vampire ~ Writing Exercise

We always have fun at the Ink Slingers Guild meetings but I really enjoyed myself during this last meeting. At each meeting three of us writerly folk choose a word and then we all write for 5 minutes and must fit in those three words. We did four 5-minute exercises and I managed to continue my “story” throughout all four exercises. I thought it would be fun to share!

I hope you enjoy!

  •  Stuffy
  • Cold
  • Perceive

I could not perceive what in god’s name could be taking him so long. It was even more annoying because the ridiculous loser didn’t have a cell phone., I mean who doesn’t have a cell phone? Ok, I hadn’t actually met him in person yet so I shouldn’t be so judgmental but I couldn’t help myself. Ever since I recovered from a nasty cold last month I’ve hated waiting on people. I mean there is life to live already! Let’s get moving and get things done!

I sat at the table in the dimly lit diner and sipped at my coffee while I perused Facebook. People were so lame. No info about anyone accept for that stuffy guy, George who I knew because Sally only. I sighed and glanced at my watch. Two more minutes and I was out. I still wasn’t sure why I agreed to meet with Sally’s nephew anyway. Just because I can build websites doesn’t mean I want to do them for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

The door to the diner jingled open and I glanced up to behold the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I literally stared at his smooth, pale skin, dark eyes and slim build. I smiled. I could totally do that I thought. He walked over to my table.

“Ryan?” I questioned. He nodded and smiled wide. It was my lucky day.

  • Crouch
  • Finish
  • God

This man was a God I thought. Ryan slid into the chair next me as I wondered how my plain faced friend could have a relative this beautiful. I mean hold your chin up to keep the flies out gorgeous. I pulled my computer from my bag and set it on the table while Ryan ordered a chai tea from the drooling waitress.

I finished my coffee just as his tea arrived. I wasn’t very good at small talk until now. So far I had found out that he loved all types of tea, preferred the second Crouching Lion Hidden Tiger movie to the first and hated Rod Stewart music. I was on my game. He leaned in and looked at my screen. He smelled like vanilla and coffee. Yum. I was definitely going to have me some of that.

  • Strap
  • Shower
  • Burn

Seriously, I was burning by the time we wrapped up going over the website he wanted. Apparently, Ryan was some hotshot motorcycle racer and the idea of him covered in motorcycle gear and straps made me ridiculously happy. If I had anything to do with it, I would be showering with this man in the morning.

We chatted amenably as we left the diner.  I saw his motorcycle at the curb two cars away and nodded toward it. Nice,” I commented. He grinned and led me to it. A sleek flat black helmet hung on the side as he pointed out things and I nodded enthusiastically.

“Would you like to pop in to my place for a swim in the pool?” I asked after he finished showing off his machine.

“That sounds awesome,” he smiled at me again. I was such a goner.

“My house is just in the back here,” I pointed at the alley that led to my neighborhood. We were halfway through it when he turned and pushed me gently into the wall.

  • Slow
  • Forget
  • Fantasy

I could not believe my luck. I mean Ryan couldn’t even wait to get to my house to steal a kiss. I was feeling so lucky I think my head was about to explode right off my shoulders.  The tension in the air added to the fantasy that had been brewing in my mind.

He slowly brushed a finger down the side of my face. I swear I forgot my name. There was nothing but his dark eyes and wide smile. I tried to speak and he put a finger over my mouth as he leaned to my neck. He took in a deep breath.

“My dear,” he whispered, “you are so intoxicating. I couldn’t wait another moment.”

I sighed and bent my body toward him. His lips found my neck and my nerves exploded in pleasure.

“Thank you,” he whispered. My moan was cut off as the sting of teeth pierced my skin.