Movie: Whip It!

Went and saw Whip It! this past weekend with the family.  I think I am the only one who enjoyed it.  I found it to be a nice mix of rebellion, teen love and family bonding.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself feeling slightly rebellious afterwards.  My husband didn’t say a word so who knows what he got out of it.  I think it gears more towards women but without having any manly feedback I couldn’t be totally sure. 

The story is about a girl coming to that teenage time we’re all familiar with when you want to go and live your dreams but you’re being told by mama or papa what you should or shouldn’t be doing which of course makes you want to do everything you shouldn’t be… There is this very scenario with mom who wants her daughter to fill her own lost dream.  The dad is a wonderful character who does his best not to take sides and is in love with his family despite their flaws.  The girl makes some new friends and ends up trying out for a roller derby team and makes it.  She LOVES it but she has to keep it secret along with her newly met beau.  So things get interesting as many struggle for right vs. wrong, dreams vs. making others happy and love.

I liked it very much.  Hope you do too.