Suffocating and I hadn’t even gotten them on one leg yet

So I’m out with my hubbie and daughter. We’ve just left one store and have stopped at Tijuana Flats (because I’m starving) on the way to the next store. The daughter desperately needs pants. We live in Florida and her one pair of jeans suddenly is not enough with our 58 degree weather. (Stop laughing.)

So I’m shoveling some high fat content cheese enchiladas with verde sauce (yum!) into my face and grumbling about hating shopping right now and how nothing fits right (can you say quit smoking and have been eating instead?)

The hubbie makes motions toward his jeans and nods vigorously.

Hubbie: Thank Gawd I found these in the closet. I was going to complain that some young man friend of yours hung his pants in my closet. I was suffocating and I hadn’t even gotten them on one leg yet.

Me: Bwah hahahahhahaha

Daughter: *Blinks rapidly at mother, then father, then mother again.*

Me: Bwah hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha *crying*

Yeah, we laugh a lot. Even if it doesn’t make sense.

Enjoy your time. ❤

A Woman’s Decision Making Process

Hubbie: I’m boiling water. Do you want some tea?

Me: Hm.

Hubbie: Yes. No. *Drums fingers* Yes. No.

Me: Well, I didn’t sleep well last night and even though I have decaf, I want to sleep well tonight so I want the tea but I am thinking I want sleep more.

Hubbie: So no.

Me: Right.

Hubbie: You could have just said ‘no thank you’.

PG Tips – the Monkey Tea

The Hubby put on the kettle for tea today.

Me: Is there enough for me too?

Hubby: Sure, what tea do you want?

Me: PG Tips baby.

Hubby: Monkey tea.

Me: *Face scrunches up* *Brows raise questioning intelligence of statement*

Hubby: I mean monkeys like that tea. Not that you are a monkey.

Me: *gives death eye*

*Realizes hubby is referring to a commercial from when he was a kid*

*Finds commercial*

*Has good laugh*

*Shares with friends*


Driving Ramble

So the other day I was on my way home from work and out of the corner of my eye this spanky black car cruises by and I swear it’s Edward Cullen driving. Then he pulls in front of me to avoid the super slow MF in front of him causing me to break (barely) and then he squeezes in front the slow MF and zips away.

Normally I would have thrown a verbal tantrum containing many curse words that may or may not equal complete sentences. But there were two reasons that I did not.

1) My car sucks. Actually it’s a Nissan Xterra. And it has the guts of a wall flower. I miss my little Acura.

2) Because the guy looked like Edward Cullen and on the off chance that it was indeed a vampire than far be it for me to be upset about someone who can clearly drive more adeptly than I.

So I smiled instead and felt pretty good about it.

That ramble out of my system brings me to another point. I keep noticing people texting WHILE driving. Like holding their phone above their steering wheel while “steering”. It doesn’t take but a moment of your eyes on that phone to miss that incompetent A-hole who breaks fast and hard while the light is still two miles in the distance. Or for that stumbling drunk woman on the side walk to fall smack into the road directly in front of you (yes, this actually happened while my hubbie was driving his monster of a Ford 250 and someone must have been watching over this chick as there was no one in the lane to our left and my husband managed to swerve around her without killing her or anyone else).  Or the guy in the lane to your left who suddenly decides he needs to get to the gas station on the oher side of the right lane next to you and doesn’t seem to mind that you are there in the center lane minding your own business. I braked hard on that one and fast. No one was hurt but if I wasn’t late from my lunch break, I coulda pulled into that gas station and given someone a biatch slap. Coulda happened. Yeah.

Okay, my point is that there are a ton of numb skulls driving and it behooves you and everyone around you to keep an eye out for them and keep the road safe. In my house we never say “Drive safe”. We say “Pay attention.” Unlike the texting-while-driving folk.

Well, I think that about says it.

I’m going to go do something fun like write. About people from Caelum. Who have wings. And maybe a half breed or two. And some pixies. And maybe write some more about shape-shifting gargoyles. [sigh] okay I feel better now. xo

This, That and Heart Attacks

Hello! I have been chewing over what to post for my next blog when I realized how long it had been since my last. <shakes head>

Well, 2013 has been an interesting year so far.  For the first couple months of this year I worked my butt off on Book two of my series. Book one was done and with the editor. Then in March (or was it February?), the Editor (A-fucking-mazing editor by the way) sent me Book one ready for tweaking. Well, honestly Book two was just smoking along so I sat on book one even though it was supposed to publish by mid April. Then Book two came to a screeching halt and I jumped over to work on the edits for book one.

Then my husband had chest pains and ended up in the hospital. Yep, that ‘chest/lung pain’ he’d been experiencing was actually a collapsed artery and those ‘episodes’ were friggin heart attacks. Did I freak? Yep, but very quietly.  He had a minor and apparently all too common procedure which opened up the artery and handled a clot that was meddling. My hubby is a very upbeat people person, easy to get along with, totally chill and so the last thing I would have dreamed he would have issues with was his heart.  Scared the hell out of me. He’s fine now and looks amazing. The grey pallor and blood shot eyes that we contributed to his vocation are gone. Things are settling back into normal. It took a while for me to stop focusing everything on family and lift my head to look around.

This past weekend in a frenzy, I ‘remodeled’ my office (read painted walls and put furniture back in different places). Unfortunately you can’t get the full panoramic view but here’s a taste…


Yes, all the statues on the bookshelf are some of my attentive gargoyles. <toothy grin>

It is soooooooo nice to be in my office now and I am ready to get back to work again. Book one, Book two, short story for the upcoming anthology, here I come.

Happy New Year – Dream Big!

In light of the New Year, I thought I would say a few words. So many of us set goals for the new year and then give up half way, or more often give up after only three weeks or one or maybe in just a few days. Here are a few tips to make your goals a reality this year that have worked really well for me:

  • Write them down. It seems so simple. You know what you want to get done, right? Why write them down. Well, first, get it on paper so that it’s brought into the world and out of your head. Second, it makes it easier to set completion targets. And lastly, because it just feels good. There is nothing like putting those goals down and actually see what you’re going to get done. It’s exciting!
  • Set realistic goals. Saying that you’re going to make a million dollars this year without setting down the means to do that is pie in the sky. Sure, you can decide to do that but don’t forget that without winning the lottery, you need a plan to achieve that goal.
  • Persist: to continue steadfast or firmly in some state, purpose, course of action, or the like, especially in spite of opposition, etc. (Random House Dictionary 2012) Be persistent. Your goals will never be achieved while you’re watching TV, playing video games or hitting the bars. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything fun, it means make sure you continue, on a regular basis, doing things to forward your goals. In 2012 I didn’t set lofty targets but I did note down that I wanted the first book in my Guardians Den series to be done and to the Editor, I wanted to get through the first draft of Book Two, start my own publishing company and publish the first book of short stories for my writers group. By persisting, I did all of those things except complete the first draft of Book Two. I got almost halfway through it though so I’m not sweating it. Make time to work on your dreams and use it to your full advantage.
  • Don’t listen to the dream stealers, the evil critiquers, the pessimistic downers that you come across in life. If you ever find yourself doubting your abilities, your dreams and aspirations: STOP. You’ll get nowhere beating yourself up. Experience a set back? Keep going. This is key. Let NO ONE stop you. You are important and you can get or achieve what you want.
  • This may not apply to you but if it does, I hope this helps. Does your day job get you down? What do you want to be when you grow up? Are you working to achieve that? If your J.O.B. is so horrible that you dread going on a regular basis, maybe it’s time to switch it up. You never know what may await you. Almost two years ago I realized I wasn’t enjoying the daily grind. One lunch break I was headed back to the office and I decided that it was time for a new game. Working for others was not what I wanted to do forever. I’m a writer, I want to do that all day long, but I also need to eat, keep a house over my head and keep the electric on while I get my words down for publishing. So I wanted something different. The very next day after making that decision, I ran into a friend who worked at a company who needed someone and I fit the bill. I interviewed the next day and was hired on the spot. After putting in my notice, two weeks later I was at the new company and it is everything a day job could be for me. Great people, fun work and caring bosses. My point is this, don’t sell yourself short and think that you have to be miserable during the day while working into the night creating what it is you really want to be doing. You can enjoy making the money you need to survive while continuing to create your future.

Every year around our anniversary, my husband and I sit down and list out our individual goals for the new year and a separate list for the whole family. Then we make plans to achieve those goals. It could be as simple as setting aside an amount of cash each week for a family outing or it could be agreeing that during certain times, Dad cooks so Mom can tuck away in the office and get a few thousand words out. Whatever it is, it’s always fun create time together and also gives opportunity to show our support for each other’s dreams.

Have a wonderful New Year – Dream big and often!

Definition of Writer

Friend of mine posted this and I had to share! For those of you who know how much I LOVE coffee, this fit me beautifully!


writ • er / ‘raitər/

– noun

1. a peculiar organism capable of transforming caffeine into books.