This is one odd world

The other day I was driving  down a not so upscale street (affectionately called Whiskey Gulch) and saw an oddity.  I see them periodically and their strangeness always strikes me and leads me to share it if for nothing else then a laugh or a ‘there are some odd peeps out there’.

The street I was on was a four lane street.  I was going east in the left lane, coming up to a stop light when I noticed a car parked (yes parked) in the right lane of the other side of the road.  It was a silver, late model Cadillac.  It was not only parked in the road but was right in front of one of those classic seedy strip motels (yes, we have short term rooms, come on in).  The trunk was open and a very large African American lady with short bleach blond hair and a pink robe was standing at it.  If that’s not weird on its own, the lady had a bike at the trunk and looked like she was trying to figure out how to get it in.  As I passed slowly (thanks to traffic and the light) a cop pulled up and parked behind her. When he got out of the car she started yelling at him.  I wish I could have heard what she was saying but alas the traffic moved and I went with it.

Ya gotta wonder…was she stealing the bike? Did she leave it the last time she visited the hotel? Does she know what a parking lot is?  So many questions and so little answers…