Some artistic inspiration

Yesterday my writers group had our annual book release BBQ (celebrating our Anthology which I mention here). I always do a toast to everyone involved and this year I chose to read a bit from author Chuck Wendig’s blog:

“Don’t feel like you have to write just one thing. Write the things that make you twitch and smile and scream and clamp your teeth. Write those things to which your heart and soul respond. Write to your loves. Write to your fears.

Say things with your work. Make the words about something. About more than just what’s on the page.

When you have a novel you love and trust: seek an agent. Or self-publish. Choose a path and then choose the other path later down the line to mix it up. Seek diversity. Aim for potential and possibility.

Hell with the doubters.

Down with the haters.

If this is something you really want to do, do it.

Embrace the fear.

And write.

Good luck.”

You can find the entire post from Chuck here:

Thank you, Chuck for the inspiring words!