The Godslayer Chronicles; Book 2 Hinterland by James Clemens

Originally Posted: 16 Sep 09

Finished Hinterland a few days ago and was eager to start the next book in the series.  I was disappointed to discover that book 3 is not out yet.  Meanwhile, this author has been pumping out books by one of his pseudonyms, James Rollins, for a while now so it may be some time before we see another book in this series.

I very much enjoyed the series and pretty much mowed through the last quarter of it ignoring my family and friendas where ever possible.  The second book gave closure on enough things to make the two books in the series worth reading.  It is the very last chapter that hooks you on the next story line so there’s not to much left unsaid – mostly it’s an attention grabber.  I’m afraid it does work but still the stories stand alone.

The Godslayer Chronicles; Book 1 Shadowfall by James Clemens

Originally Posted: 9 Sep 09

Just finished Shadowfall (actually yesterday).  It started off with a great pull and after the first chapter it just kept pulling up until the very end.  I really enjoyed the book.  It is about a land shared by humans and Gods of the flesh.  A God is murdered, which no one thought possible, and an innocent man is on the run.  There is intrigue, several ongoing side stories and wonderful characters.  I recommend it highly to any fantasy reader.

I have already started the next book in the series, Hinterland.  It starts with a bang and I am sure I will find all manner of excuses to read. 🙂