Karen Chance: 4 awesome novels

Touch the Dark
Claimed by Shadow
Embrace the Night
Curse the Dawn

I zipped through these 4 novels in the last week or so and completely loved them.  The first book took a bit to grip me, quite a bit actually, about 3/4 into it I suddenly couldn’t put it down!  It took a bit for me to raise my affinity for the characters and like them enough to continue but once I did, I was loving it.

The books are listed in order above (although if you happened to go out of order it would still be understandable).  They feature Cassie Palmer a clairvoyant who has some seriously powerful visions, finds she can time travel, was raised with vampires, can see and talk to ghosts and has quite a few people out to get her because she just might be a bit more trouble than she’s worth – so some think.

That’s all I gotta say at the moment.  Well, that and I really wish the next book was out. ~smile~

PS I’m voting for Pritkin ~ he’s awesome!