Fallen by Lauren Kate

I picked up Fallen and it took me a while to get into it.  I didn’t have a lot of understanding of what the story was with the main character until you get further in. Once in the book takes you through twists and turns of mysterious happenings, like why does it seem that boys she gets friendly with, burn?  Her soulmate comes into play and acts so weird you can hardly wait to figure out what his story is.

What’s funny is I love to read stories with friendly monsters, faeries, demons etc etc and when I found out what the guy was it just seemed odd to me.  The ending was almost a let down the way it went.  I still haven’t decided what I think about it.  I noticed recently that it looks like there might have been a movie made about it.  I think I would probably watch it too.  I am sure a second book must be on the way or out and I think I will have to read it to see about getting further closure or understanding of this unusual couples otherworldly situation.

I’ll probably say more as I come to more firm decision on this one!