Dragon Bones by Patricia Briggs

I really love the way Patricia Briggs writes.  She grabs a hold of your attention and doesn’t let go til you turn the last page.   I just finished Dragon Bones, a completely different series to the previous ones I’ve mentioned here.  She does it again though, creating a world, characters and a story to love.

This story is about Ward who for personal reasons allows everyone in his realm to believe him on the slow side. His father is a nasty bugger who preys on removing anyone with power around him. When he is removed from the picture, who is next in line for the master of the realm – Ward. Ward now has the people wondering how it’s going to go,many people would like to see him get gone and yet others support him.  He now has to find a way to convince everyone that he’s not the slow witted boy they thought and fight to take back what is his.  It’s a magical story with wonderful characters.  I will have to get the next book, Dragon Blood and keep going.

Patricia Briggs: Moon Called, Blood Bound, Iron Kissed and Bone Crossed

Recently finished these four books (as in this week) and was surprised at how much I enjoyed them.  The books feature Mercy Thompson, a shape shifter with a magnet for trouble.  She was raised by a werewolf pack but never really fit in. She left them in her teens and went to tackle life on her own as a tomboyish VW mechanic only to find that the werewolfs are still near as are the fae and vampires…  The characters are great, Mercy is a strong, dynamic character and you can’t help but want her to win, in everything.

The first book didn’t take long to pull me in.  Things go from one thing to the next so fast that I found it difficult to put down as there were barely any ‘downtime’ for me to lose interest for long enough to put them down.  (Thus all four books tackled this week, I even stayed up too late a few nights which is unlike me.)

Tonight I am starting another series, the Alpha and Omega series so I will see if these ‘new’ characters are as intriguing and enjoyable as the Mercy Thompson series, which by the way has another book, number five, due out in about a month and the sixth coming in 2011.

Here’s Patricia’s website if you’re interested! http://www.patriciabriggs.com/