Rebecca York (aka Ruth Glick): werewolf moon series

I recently went thru several of Rebecca York’s werewolf moon series.  When I got into the first book (Killing Moon) I wasn’t so into the extensive animal magnetism that was throughout the pages but the adventure and mystery was quite good.  I went through the second book (Edge of the Moon) and still wasn’t sure what I thought.  The book was good, I had to see what happened but the quantity of male / female stuff was, at least I felt, a bit over the top.  Now you should know that I don’t read “romance” novels generally and these definitely have that feel.

It was the third book (Witching Moon) that kept me really going.  Rebecca writes a great mystery and the characters are great.  I have since finished Burning Moon, Crimson Moon and Shadow of the Moon.  The rest are on my line to be read.  If you like romance, fantasy and mystery, you will probably really enjoy these!