Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy

Picked up the Vampire Academy as a holding book for another series I was waiting for.  Turns out it was pretty cool.  You can read about the series here: 

I really like Mead’s writing style and characters, both in this series and two previously mentioned, the Dark Swan series and the Georgia Kincaid series, both of which are adult series.  The Vampire Academy series are young adult but us not so young adults can enjoy it too!

Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead

This is book two of the Dark Swan novels.  I enjoyed this one more than the first.  In this book our heroine, Eugenie Markham, has quite a bit more to deal with than the last and on top of it she’s learning new powers that may or may not positively effect her judgement.  There are still quite a few sex scenes in this one but not quite as much as the last.  She’s dealing with her love of two men, Otherworld politics and much more.  I am enjoying the series, it’s non-stop action and interesting storyline and characters make it a nice read.  I am taking a forced break from the series until the next one in line comes available at the libary (not released until next year!).  Have already started the next Sookie Stackhouse novel and will report on that one soon!

Storm Born by Richelle Mead

Just finished this book this afternoon.  If you don’t mind several incidents of sultry sex scenes throughout the book, the story is really intriguing.  The story is about a woman named Eugenie Markham who is a shaman that makes a living by vanquishing various creatures from our world to the Otherworld or their death whichever is correct at the moment she’s taking them down.  She going along in life just fine, albeit lonely, only to get thrown into a ton of trouble when a handsome not-quite-human becomes her love interest, she finds out who her real dad is which in turn gives her more not-so-wanted info on who she is, gets involved with an Otherworld King and the worst,  she’s got all kinds of creatures coming after her, either for her life or to impregnate her.

It may sound pretty out there but it works.  The Otherworld characters are fun and interesting, and her character is about as real as it can get in this enjoyable urban fantasy.  Again, there is a quite a bit of sultry sex throughout so if that’s not your bag or you’re on the young side – give it a skip.  I’ve got the next book sitting on my shelf waiting to be picked up as well as a couple of the books from one of Richelle’s other series which I will fill you in on when I get there!