Honorable Mention: Emery Huang

I mentioned earlier in the blog about the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future volumes.  I just started the latest edition, 25th.  The first story in it is by Emery Huang, called Garden of Tian Zi.  The title didn’t particularly pull me in but it was the first story so I started reading.  And I was very pleasantly surprised.  What an interesting story.  It is very sci-fi with nanotechnology, enhanced physical structure and crazy cool computers.  I’ve read quite a few stories with that type of content but the characters that were introduced were fantastically written.  The story, set in the futurist and often cold and dismal future, has life in it thanks to the incredible characters.  It was heartfelt and lovely to read.

I searched for his website but besides finding several blogs congratulating him on his winning the Grand Prize of the contest, I found little more on Emery.  My congrats go out to him and a thanks for the story as I really did enjoy it.

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