An Autumn day in Florida

The morning is so beautiful, so calm that I feel the need to try to capture it in words.

The birds are chirping merrily. Chirps, squawks, an occasional coo are this mornings music.  The squirrels are busily trying to crack open walnut shells from a tree next door.   The intense heat and humidity seems to have taken a plunge.  Although there is still a warmth to the air, the cool breeze mixes into it creating a serene and cleansing feel. A new start.

My normally delicious coffee is left forgotten as I simply sit and just be.

The only missing is the distant smell of a fireplace burning creating the much loved campfire feel.  Florida may have almost an underworld feel in the summer but Autumn is like a breath of life, a calming tonic like no other.

I sit for many captured moments just taking it all in, hoping to never forget this feeling before gathering myself up and tackling a new day of life.

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